Brianna Peterson - Editorial Policy



To provide a platform for people, cultures and communities to tell their story, especially those that are not always expressed in the mainstream media. To educate, entertain and enlighten the listening public through exposure to a broad range of stories on diverse topics.

To produce radio features and documentaries that are factually accurate and of a high standard. To make these features available for broadcast via podcast and on community, national and international radio stations.



Pre-recorded interviews on location. Post-production editing and sound design adhering to the editorial guidelines set out below. Radio packages may include an introduction and narration, or simply be a true story told by an individual or group in their own words.


Independent editorial style

By nature Brianna is an inquisitive and compassionate individual who seeks to understand the nature of humans and why we do the things we do. Her radio features have an objective tone and a lighthearted nature. Even when documenting stories and events with a more serious and dramatic side, she takes care to develop a deeper understanding and not exploit or sensationalize the issue at hand.

In essence, these documentaries and short features aim to broaden our cultural awareness and expose us to ideas, people and ways of living we may not have considered before. These features encourage the listener to make up their own mind and stimulate broader conversation within the community.


Broadcast law

Brianna Peterson adheres to broadcast laws and regulations when recording, editing and broadcasting and does not seek to defame or bring harm to people or organizations. Nor do these radio features in any way intend to incite racial or cultural vilification or incite violence.

Some topics may be inherently controversial. These will be handled with sensitivity and respect but some issues might still offend some people.


Accuracy, integrity and trust

As independent radio features, these works will maintain a high level of integrity.  Developing a good relationship with all parties including the interviewees, broadcast executives and the audience is a key objective which will be met with the following practices:


•  openly communicating with all parties about how the material will be used so participants have 
   informed consent.

  clearly differentiating between fact and opinion.

  including quotes and comments that have not be edited in a way that would distort their original meaning       
    and accuracy.

  using information, facts and comments in context and in a way that does not intentionally mislead
    the audience.

  ensuring accurate fact checking including record keeping of records of information drawn from
    credible sources.


Gaining the trust and respect of the community is a core value of these editorial guidelines. As the executive producer of these works, Brianna Peterson is aware of the power and responsibility that comes with being an independent journalist and aims to consider all potential results when publishing works.


Working with children

Some stories and documentaries will feature the voices and opinions of children under the age of 18. In fulfilling a commitment to providing a voice in the media for young children, the following procedures will ensure their safety and wellbeing:


  media release/consent forms are to be signed by the legal guardian/parent of all children prior to 
   interview and broadcast.

  children’s identities are to be protected. Only the first name and age of the child will be revealed.

  where required, working-with-children checks will be obtained.

  Duty of care will be taken to uphold applicable laws including the Child Protection Act.


Sponsorship and funding

These radio features and documentaries are independent. No money, goods or services are received for editorial style or content. Brianna Peterson is not affiliated with any religious or political parties. If sponsorship and funding agreements are made, they will be transparent in nature and be made public to all parties.


Sensitive material

These works aim to be suitable for people over the age of 15. Though they do not include coarse language, they may include adult themes and may not always be suitable for children. Parental guidance is recommended when considering the very nature of the subject matter and whether parents deem it suitable for a child. Any sensitive or graphic detail that may offend some listeners will be stated with a warning prior to the audio.

These works are made with a commitment to upholding the law, freedom of speech and religion, parliamentary democracy and equal opportunity. These works aim to be innovative, to take risks and to present new ideas to the media landscape. These features are made in the hope that with a deeper understanding of our lives comes a more informed, understanding and compassionate community.