This Is My Story


Chasing the neighbour's cat with a tape recorder, interviewing my family about who ate what for breakfast, these are the humble beginnings of my love affair with audio.


It has become clear over the years that making small radio features and documentaries ignites me. The content possibilities are endless. I take the words of Vallerie Gheller to heart: "There are no boring stories, only boring storytellers."  My aim is to be a great story teller, in many platforms.

I've been involved in radio for over 15 years since my first community radio gig. Since then I've attained a Graduate Diploma in Radio Broadcasting from the Australian Film and Television School, and presented shows for Radio AdelaideBLU FmThe Community Radio Network and been lucky enough to produce programs for ABC's Conversations With Richard Fidler.

For a good 7 years I worked full time as a small business entrepreneur. I paid my way through radio school and funded small radio projects by selling handmade porcelain. I supplied shops and galleries worldwide including the Art Gallery of NSW, the National Gallery of Australia and became an Etsy brand ambassador for Australia. You can view that crafty little business here:

So far, a project highlight for me was developing a national children's radio program 'Kid's Caravan' which aired weekly on the CRN satellite network in 2009/10. The opportunity to listen to the voices of children as they spilled out their ideas about life and the world around them was a refreshing change in radio content, and just as poignant as many other adult programs.

My current role is the ABC Kids Listen Podcast Producer where I still get to chat with preschoolers and broadcast their delightful voices and ideas for the world to hear.

As a storyteller I thrive by working with communities, meeting people and travelling. Exploration and finding the real story within the story are the motivating forces behind my work and this portfolio site. The desire to share through sound, photography, film and media is lifelong learning that I will never tire from. Listen, watch and enjoy.